Story number 4 for 19 Jan 2000

By January 19, 2000

Meanwhile, officials with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board are
looking for some 13-hundred volunteers for evangelistic meetings in Asia.
IMB’s Mark Kelly says this request for volunteers is unusual. “It will stretch southern
Baptist to provide that many volunteers for one project. We had more than 25,000
volunteers go out total for 1999. That’s a record number and a tremendous growth in
recent years in the number of volunteers. But, 1,000 volunteers for one project is really
going to be quite a challenge.” 300 volunteers are needed for meetings in Japan
beginning June 21st while in South Korea one-thousand are needed on November 1st.
Kelly says Christians need to pray. “We want to pray for God to call out the volunteers
that are needed for these projects. We certainly want to pray that he’ll be preparing the
hearts in both Japan and Korea for the outreaches that are going to be conducted
there. Preparing believers in both of those countries.”

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