Story number 4 for 2 Feb 2001

By February 2, 2001

(Mexico)–Elsewhere, a new Spanish translation is being used as a major tool in an evangelistic outreach in Mexico City. World Bible Translation Center’s Brian MacLemore says they’re working with an exciting project. “The Bible League’s “Project Phillip” is going to use, in their ministry, one-million copies of our brand new Spanish translation. “Project Phillip” is where a believer invites a non-Christian friend to do a study, and fulfill that study-and then they are presented with a New Testament. It’s a great way to make followers of the Lord Jesus.” MacLemore adds that “Our subtitle of this translation says it all. It says, “The Word of God for all.” And, we feel like this translation is going to be able to reach all segments of both Mexican society and beyond, into all of Latin America next year.” WBTC exists to translate the Scriptures and make them accessible to the common people around the world in their everyday language.

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