Story number 4 for 20 Dec 1999

By December 20, 1999

While the war continues in the Russian Republic of Chechnya, missionary radio is providing a message of hope for all those involved. Far East Broadcasting Company’s Victor Akhterov says they’re targeting refugees, with the Gospel message. “We’re planning to distribute a small humanitarian package of food and a cassette with a Gospel message, not a strong one because as you understand that Chechens are Muslims and to preach the Gospel to them they see the war with Russia as a war between Muslims and Christians.” Akhterov says radio programs are also leading Russian citizens and soldiers to Christ by letting pastors talk about the issues of war. “Because everyone’s interested in that. We present the Christian point of view and people like it and people come to local churches and this is our ultimate purpose. We want people to join local churches not just to accept Christ.”

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