Story number 4 for 20 Feb 2001

By February 20, 2001

(U-S)–Meanwhile, a new U-S administration may mean a renewed commitment to finding out what happened to Mark Rich, Dave Mankins and Rick Tenenoff. Colombian guerrillas took hostage these three New Tribes missionaries eight years ago. Nancy Mankins says they’ve already seen a change. “Our husbands were mentioned at a recent state department meeting and they were number one on the schedule that day and talked about — the three American missionaries are still being held hostage – and that’s a first in this eight years.” Mankins says she wouldn’t trade places with anyone. She says evangelistic opportunities have been incredible. “We’ve been able to share the Gospel on major programs like Larry King Live, that’s seen in 220 different countries, and asked, what has this done to your faith. And, it’s been exciting to see that we have really reached people that never would tune in to a Christian radio station.”

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