Story number 4 for 21 Apr 2000

By April 21, 2000

Elsewhere, tribal warfare and alcoholism was decimating the Palikur (polly-coor) tribe in the grasslands of Brazil a generation ago. But today, the information age is the tool connecting the tribe to Christ. [JAARS’] Wycliffe’s Harold and Diana Green invested 37 years of their lives with the people. Diana describes their early teaching. “When we first went to the Palikure people, many of them didn’t know how to hold a pencil, and none of them knew how to read. We made an alphabet and primers to teach them how to read in their own language.” Green says since then, they’ve translated the New Testament, and they’ve now come full circle. “We’re working on the Palikur Old Testament. We’ve finished 50-percent in a rough draft, and we’re deep in the middle of the book of Job. We have taught some of the Indian men how to use computers and one specific young man is serving as our co-translator in the Palikur tribe.” Green says they’re on target to have the Old Testament ready by 2004.

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