Story number 4 for 21 Jan 2002

By January 21, 2002

(International)–Next, statistics show that there is a rise in Biblical illiteracy in America. In response, the International Bible Society has released the second volume of its “People of the Book” series. The People of the Book series explores the Bible through the stories of real people. IBS’ Glenn Paauw. “What we’ve done is taken the stories of great people in the Bible, like David, Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and so forth, and started presenting them as stories. It’s an attempt to overcome a very strange problem that we have in America, where there are millions of Bibles around, but very few people are reading those Bibles.” Paauw adds that this approach also helps lay the foundation for the Gospel. He says because many stories and verses are taken out of context: “They’re losing the sense of the whole; and so this series, because it’s in the form of a story, will help people understand the bigger flow of the Bible. We think that’s really important that people know what’s the big story in the Bible.”

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