Story number 4 for 21 Jul 2003

By July 21, 2003

(Greece)–Next, evangelists are preparing for the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece, not to compete for medals, but for hearts and minds. AMG International’s Paul Jenks says this October the “More Than Gold Outreach” is sponsoring an event in Athens to prepare for the influx of athletes to the Games. “We’re anticipating 800 delegates will be there in Athens from at least 215 countries planning outreach not only in Greece but in their host countries around the world using sports themes to do evangelism at the time of the Olympic Games.” Jenks says they’re preparing new material to cater to the athletes. “There’ll be a special edition of the New Testament with a Greek cover, an Olympic theme, with testimonies that will be distributed to athletes and visitors. There’ll be newspaper evangelism that will take place in both Greece and other countries around the world.” Pray AMG will be allowed to move forward on a sports complex that will house workers and leaders during the Olympics.

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