Story number 4 for 21 Nov 2000

By November 21, 2000

We turn next to Uganda, where a modern day Noah Webster is helping to bring the Scriptures alive to tribes in Uganda and Tanzania. Ron Moe is collaborating with Wycliffe computer programmers on a special Bantu language initiative. Specifically, he’s been asked by JAARS to help produce a dictionary template. “Our translators are really excited about this because a dictionary is one of the major tools they need in translating the Bible. They need to find words that will exactly express the nuances of the meaning of the Bible, and to do that, they have to hunt through the words of the target language, comparing them and figuring out which ones mean exactly what in order to find the correct translation equivalent.” Moe says theirs is a prayer-driven task. “We’ve got 500 languages to work on, and we could sure use some help. It’s a big job and we’d appreciate your prayers and any help anybody could give us.” JAARS speeds Bible translation by providing quality services for Wycliffe Bible Translators and others.

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