Story number 4 for 22 Aug 2002

By August 22, 2002

(Senegal)–Elsewhere, there’s been a breakthrough in providing the Gospel to a West Africa people group. Mission Network News’ Becky Carlson has details. “Another part of the world is being exposed to the Gospel of Christ through the reading of the New Testament. Tom Dudenhofer with Audio Scripture Ministries says they recently received a completed copy in the Wolof language, which will impact those living in and around Senegal. “90-percent of the people understand the language but over 66-percent of the people do not read it, so there’s a real need for oral communication to the people.” One thing unique about this project is that they tried to take into account the culture they were targeting. “In the process of their analyzing the culture, they came up with the chanting and the Gospel of John was recorded in this particular kind of chant, and in this particular case this form of chanting is used in a way that draws people’s attention to the sound of it.” For Mission Network News, I’m Becky Carlson.”

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