Story number 4 for 22 Jul 2003

By July 22, 2003

(International)–Elsewhere, the founder and leader of the world’s largest Christian ministry passed away Saturday from pulmonary fibrosis complications. Mission Network News’ Ruth Bliss has more in this report. “81-year old Bill Bright died as he lived his life; dedicated to the work of sharing the Gospel. “And I pray that this movement, will continue to be, as long as I am involved, and even more dramatically, under the leadership of Steve Douglass, a mighty, supernatural movement of God’s spirit, a movement of love.” Bright founded Campus Crusade for Christ and led the ministry for more than five decades, serving people in 191 countries. Bright was also instrumental in the tract development of the “Four Spiritual Laws” and commissioned The JESUS film documentary. A memorial service is scheduled for Wednesday, July 30th at 10:30 at the First Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida. For Mission Network News, I’m Ruth Bliss.”

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