Story number 5 for 22 Jul 2003

By July 22, 2003

(Philippines)–And finally, part two of our series on Martin and Gracia Burnham, missionaries with New Tribes Mission. A couple held captive By Muslim extremists in the Philippines. Gracia talks about fierce firefights in the jungle…in her own words. “You never knew when the gun fire was going to start. We dropped. And, then we would wait for the signal to run and then we would drop again and run again and drop again. Often we could see the people firing at us, but there were times we could see. We would hear the bullets whiz past our heads and they would smack into trees.” Gracia tells us what sustained them.” We would very quietly sing hymns together, quote scripture verses, we prayed a lot together…prayed for the kids a lot, prayed for our release a lot. We told each other stories. We would prepare our favorite meal mentally.” Tomorrow we’ll hear about servanthood in captivity.

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