Story number 4 for 22 Mar 2002

By March 22, 2002

(Tibet)–Meanwhile, despite geographic isolation, and oppression from a neighboring country, the Gospel is reaching Tibetan ears. More than that, it is penetrating hearts in growing numbers. That’s according to Lee DeYoung of Words of Hope. “The Gaweylon partners report a tremendous increase over the past few years in listener response to their nightly Tibetan broadcast. It just continues to grow, almost doubling every year.” DeYoung says through a partnership with Far East Broadcasting Asia, their message is getting into places where they couldn’t go physically. “It seems notably evident in a number of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, where people have been listening for a long time. A number of them used to officially ban the monks from listening to the broadcast, but more recently a number of them have relented. There was a lot of listening that was going on, secretly, anyway.”

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