Story number 4 for 22 May 2003

By May 22, 2003

(USA)–Elsewhere, child welfare issues continue dominating headlines around the world. However, CBH Ministries’ Executive Director Randy Hekman says their work provides an avenue of hope and encouragement for children, not to mention biblical teaching. “Our mission statement would indicate that we’re involved in producing what we call excellent media resources for ministry.” Hekman says that covers not only radio programs, but also literature, music and web-based media. He describes the ministry vision as ‘energetic’. “We have a staff that, even though we’ve entered 60 years, has an incredible sense of energy because we know how many kids in America, Canada, around the world have never had the chance to hear that God loves them and wants a relationship with them.” CBH Ministries maintains the message of the Gospel, while striving to be creative and dynamic with children.

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