Story number 4 for 23 May 2001

By May 23, 2001

(Bolivia)–Meanwhile, missionaries are facing a challenge when it comes to reaching the lost Quechua people in Bolivia, South America. According to SIM Missionary Ardon Steel, they’ve seen many Quechua people come to Christ, but there seems to be a barrier for those yet to hear the Gospel. “We still look at perhaps some two-million who are unreached. Some of them are unreached because they live in the interior of the Andes Mountains and the Gospel just has not gotten that far, and partly, as well, because some of them are very resistant. They do not want the Gospel.” Steel says they were forced to leave one community because of harsh resistance. He has some concerns in reaching these resistant people. “My concern is that they see the Gospel as well as hear it. And, that we have Bolivian, Quechua speaking missionaries going to these communities in such ways as they will be received and barriers will be knocked down and they will listen to the Gospel.”

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