Story number 4 for 24 May 2001

By May 24, 2001

(USA)–Next, a missionary radio ministry is celebrating a milestone in their effort to spread the Gospel around the world. Far East Broadcasting Company’s Executive Vice President Gregg Harris. “We’re very excited because in the past year, we’ve been able to increase our daily broadcasts to the place where we are now broadcasting over 500 hours per day throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. And, that represents an increase of nearly 200 hours per day over the last year.” Harris says the growth is attributed to new projects in Indonesia, Russia, South Korea and Mongolia. Despite the milestone, they do have needs. “We need good quality programming. So, people can pray that those that are making the programs will have creativity, will be able to communicate the Gospel message well, and then also pray for those who are doing the follow up to the programs, as there are many hungry people are responding and expressing interest in the Gospel.”

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