Story number 4 for 24 Nov 2000

By November 24, 2000

Meanwhile, the 8th annual Christian Schools Teacher Recruiting Fair is just a few months away. The Association for Christian Schools International, or ACSI is sponsoring the January 29th through February 2nd conference. They’re targeting Christians who are interested in using education to spread the Gospel. ACSI’s Dan Egeler. “We’ll have between 35 and 50 school administrators and mission representatives from all over the world flying in to explain all the ministry opportunities that they have all over the world.” Weaton College, Moody Bible Institute and the ACSI Teacher Convention will host the conferences. Egeler says education is key in reaching the unreached. “There are parts of the world where you can not get a missionary visa, but you can get in as a Christian educator. There are actually some organizations that are planting schools rather than planting churches because that’s a much easier way to facilitate reaching an unreached people group.” Call our resource line to find out more.

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