Story number 4 for 25 Jun 2002

By June 25, 2002

(Philippines)–Meanwhile, it’s been over two weeks since Martin Burnham was killed during a failed rescue attempt in the Philippines, but the tragedy isn’t scaring missionaries from the field. Craig Johnson works with Send International. Johnson says it should be a wake up call to all believers. “None of us is guaranteed safety as we follow the Lord. We don’t know exactly what His plan holds for us, but we do know that that’s the very best place for us to serve within His kingdom – the best opportunity to bring glory to Him. And ultimately, His kingdom work will best established by our obedience.” Johnson believes much good will come from the Burnham story. “I feel personally that the Lord is going to use Martin and Gracia’s story that we can only begin to imagine, not only in the Philippines, but in I think in other countries as well. I think that there are going to be a lot of people who will be drawn into the kingdom through what has happened with Martin and Gracia.” Johnson is staying at D & D Missionary homes in Florida.

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