Story number 4 for 25 Sep 2002

By September 25, 2002

(Nicaragua)–Meanwhile, a special conference begins tomorrow that will unite 80-percent of the evangelicals in Nicaragua. President of Global Vision Haje Andraus (an-Drows) and others will assist in this conference that will encourage evangelism. “Goal number one is to give the Gospel to person in Nicaragua without exception. Goal number two, it’s an earnest attempt to double the number of Christians in the country. Goal number three, to double the number of evangelical churches in the country.” Andraus believes Nicaraguan churches can have a huge impact on a country hurting from poor economic conditions and loss of hope. “We are in a confusing world, where there’s a lot of needs, but the greatest need of all time has always been a personal relationship with our creator. And, that’s what we’re going to proclaim with the anointing of Jesus Christ in our lives. And, that is our prayer request.”

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