Story number 4 for 26 Apr 2001

By April 26, 2001

(USA)–And finally, we focus on America where prayer is part of the revival message being shared by Life Action Revival Ministries. Life Action’s Tom Nesbit helps coordinate men’s prayer gatherings at churches hosting these special revival meetings. As part of the prayer gatherings, Nesbit encourages men to lead their families in prayer. “When men wake up to that and realize that it draws them into a greater oneness with God, with their marriage and their children, and that brings about great healing balm in the church. As a result of men getting right with God personally, and then right with their marriage and right at their home, and then right in their church that is the greatest platform for true revival and evangelism in the community that I’ve ever experienced or seen.” Life Action is holding meetings teaching this principle right now in North Carolina, Florida and Virgina. Pray that God will work mightily in these churches.

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