Story number 4 for 28 Mar 2000

By March 28, 2000

Meanwhile, missionaries are asking people to pray that they’ll be able to overcome barriers in Spain in their effort to lead the country to Christ. Jack Lendel is with Operation Mobilization. He describes some of the obstacles. “There’s historical, there’s cultural, maybe religious barriers that keep people away from the Gospel. And, the evangelical church, to start with, is very small and just considered a sect.” According to Lendel, people are coming to Christ, but in small numbers. He says Christians need to pray for their work in southwestern Spain. “We have targeted 10 towns. We now have teams working in four of those towns in church planting. Recently we’ve seen some growth in one town where we’ve worked for eight years and suddenly we have a group of 12 now of these who have come through and decided that they want to meet together. So, that’s very encouraging. We can just pray that we’ll see that growth, that we’ll persevere. We want to see more Americans join us.”

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