Story number 4 for 29 Jan 2002

By January 29, 2002

(Haiti)–Next, economic and natural disasters continue to plague the people of Haiti. Medical Ambassadors International’s John McWilliam just returned from Haiti where he reports their medical clinic and community health evangelism program have been hit by flooding in Bruyeux (broo-YAY). “They lost their livestock, crops, books and beds and all that sort of thing. Homes were not destroyed, but many things were washed away. And so we’ve been raising funds to replace these things as well as we have a long term project to rebuild an old French wall to keep this flood from affecting the town in the future.” McWilliam says all of this is being done in an effort to lead the lost to Christ. “Witchcraft is very much in vogue. The opposition is strong, but there are many people who are hungry for the truth. So, in all of our programs we present the spiritual as well as helping people physically.”

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