Story number 4 for 29 Jun 2001

By June 29, 2001

(Romania)–Next, Romania’s recent shutdown in international adoptions is having an impact on a new ministry. International Messenger’s Robert Rasmusson explains. “We are opening up a care home for unwed mothers and orphans. A lot of the young women that come to our care home have no where to turn. What we’re trying to do with this care home is to provide an opportunity for them to carry their baby to full term in a Christian environment.” But the changes mean some of their work will be stymied for the orphans, and may encourage abortion. Rasmusson says that’s why their work is critical. He says the homes will be a safe haven for the mothers: “…where they can hear the Gospel and understand the message of hope that Christ has for them and then they’re able to really put their problems into the Lord’s hands.”

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