Story number 4 for 29 Nov 2002

By November 29, 2002

(Bali) — Meanwhile, a new FM radio station is on the air in Bali with a purpose of sharing the gospel. The Far East Broadcasting Company just opened the station and as Chris Slabaugh tells us, getting the station was an act of God. “We had about two weeks to arrange the funding for the license, the license became available and we had about two weeks to put together a significant sum of money to pay for the license, as these licenses are not readily available in that country.” Slabaugh says they want to make sure this opportunity does not slip by. “The purpose of any radio station as far as the Far East Broadcasting is concerned is to help reach the national people with the gospel. And this particular area in Bali we have looked at for some time.” Slabaugh says the station that will provide instrumental music and a short message in the evening during its first few months on the air. They expect to have nationals involved in training to help improve the economy.

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