Story number 4 for 3 May 2002

By May 3, 2002

(Taiwan)–And finally, Christians in the United States are needed to help students from Taiwan practice their English. It’s part of Assist Ministries Bridge of Friendship program. Assist Ministries Dan Wooding says it’s an evangelistic pen pal program, using e-mail. “We could hook up American Christians with young people in Taiwan and they could learn about each other’s culture, but most of all, the Americans can share with them that part of the culture is that they have a faith in Jesus Christ. And so, we could fill about 200 or 300 hundred.” Wooding says it’s easy to sign up for the program. Simply go to assist-hyphen-ministries-dot-com. “As long as you’ve got a computer and you understand how to use email, whatever age you are, it’s a wonderful way you can be involved in actually physically changing a life – letting God use you to share your faith with someone in another country.”

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