Story number 4 for 30 Dec 1999

By December 30, 1999

Meanwhile, the Russian observance of Christmas is being used to evangelize the people of Russia. That’s the word from John Creech, the Russian Director of O-M-S International. Creech, who is staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, explains. “They are a nation that is struggling to maintain its Russian identity. And, the celebration of Christmas on January 7th, that is not in sync with the rest of Christianity celebrating on December 25th, really gives them, the Christian missionary, this opportunity to get together with non-believers and say, you know what this holiday is all about and then open up a door to share the Gospel of Christ.” O-M-S International is an evangelistic, church planting ministry. They started in Russia in 1993 with the CoMission project. Creech is asking people to pray that God will call more indigenous workers to help disciple new believers.

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