Story number 4 for 30 May 2002

By May 30, 2002

(Mexico)–Next, immigration talks between Mexico and the U-S have stalled. However, Mexican legislators were insistent that the issue be revived, soon. Floresta’s Armando Osorio says they’re already working to meet the needs of rural communities in poverty stricken areas of Mexico. Rural farmers across the border suffer from lack of opportunity, he says, adding, that is their field of ministry. “One of the things that we want to do is improve the agriculture, through innovative techniques. We teach them how to reforest the land, and we also have a discipleship program where they learn a lot of Biblical lessons such as stewardship, ‘what does it mean to love my neighbor?'” Evangelism and discipleship tie all of Floresta’s programs together. Osorio says it’s an ongoing work, and asks believers to get involved. “It’s important for them to believe in the Gospel many of them are Christians, but their faith is not very strong. Also, the leadership of the church is kind of weak in these areas.”

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