Story number 4 for 30 Nov 2001

By November 30, 2001

(Russia)–Meanwhile, the war on terrorism in Central Asia is having an impact on an area already scarred by a civil war. Southern Russians are struggling to rebuild following the fighting in Chechnya. Earlier reports suggested some resentments were beginning to build against expatriates. Russian Ministries’ George Law. “We do have personnel that are national missionaries and are working in the Southern regions of Russia that have a strong Muslim population and, in spite of the problems in Afghanistan, that has really been a door opener for us.” Law says the people have been open to the Gospel because of another path that cleared for them due to the war. “This is giving us better opportunities for us in local regions with governing officials who are opening the doors for us. One of the governors of the area just north of Chechnya, is giving to us the opportunity to distribute relief and aid to Chechen refugees.”

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