Story number 4 for 30 Oct 2000

By October 30, 2000

Meanwhile, Audio Scriptures International is getting ready to launch a new international short-term missions program…with a twist. ASI’s Donna Williams explains how it works. “We’ll bring people in and give them a recording studio in a suitcase, and send them to a remote area of the world where the Bible has already been translated on paper. But, there are a lot of non-readers who cannot access that translation, so, we give them this recording studio in a suitcase, and they go and record-and leave behind 100 Talking Bibles in that area.” Williams says the official launch is aimed at the fall of 2001, but there are needs aside from prayer. “If it’s going to be as big as we think it is, then we’re going to need some staff, we’ll need some technical people, but mostly just that the Lord would keep opening the doors-He’s been mushrooming this project just right in front of our eyes.”

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