Story number 4 for 31 Oct 2001

By October 31, 2001

(China)–Next, change is coming for the Chinese church. The China Christian Council holds leadership elections every five years, and this is an election year. China Partner’s Erik Burklin says there is much at stake. “We need to pray that the people that are coming in to leadership are men and women of God that adhere to the authority of Scripture. That’s the change that’s happening right now. China Partner is very carefully watching to see who this new individual will be.” Burklin says that the church is gaining ground on making sure Christian leaders are trained. So, much of their future hinges on who takes the helm of the Christian Council. “I think the danger that I see is that if the leadership is more the old guard, many of them have connections with government, it can be somewhat tricky when you become too political and not stay spiritual.”

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