Story number 4 for 4 Nov 1999

By November 4, 1999

Elsewhere, Adventures in Missions is embarking on a trip this week that will not only help people in Mexico, but also re-shape lives and attitudes toward missions outreach. AIM’s Seth Barnes explains. “The thing that impacts people more than anything else is the opportunity to minister to those who have fallen upon hard times, and are hopeless, and to bring them the hope that Jesus Christ offers. Then, through that, to see that God can use them to impact lives, and as they impact lives, they become turned on to the Great Commission.” Barnes says the impact of the trip is surprising because: “They don’t have much opportunity to get out there and live the life of a missionary, but, when they do, they get out of their comfort zone, and they’re forced to re-invent themselves. It can be a shattering experience where they come back and they can’t live their life in the same way-they’ve been a part of Jesus’ Great Commission, and they’ve got to view everything as new and different.”

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