Story number 4 for 4 Oct 2000

By October 4, 2000

Elsewhere, Christian Blind Mission International estimates that the chances of survival for blind children in the Third World countries are between slim to none. CBMI’s Alan Harkey says it’s because of these grim facts that they are observing National Children’s Day on October 8th. “The majority of childhood blindness is caused by Vitamin A deficiency. It’s a tragic situation. In fact, every minute, a child is going blind, and when we think about the fact that half of those children who go blind will die within two years, that is a statistic that I think everybody in this country should be paying attention to.” Harkey says for many children, CBMI’s work represents the hope and compassion of Jesus Christ. “We are placing a renewed emphasis on children simply because they are the future. If we can stop their blindness, then we not only save their sight for a lifetime, but in many cases, we save their lives.” Please pray for CBMI’s medical staff as they continue their ministry.

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