Story number 4 for 5 Jun 2003

By June 5, 2003

(USA)–Meanwhile, Book of Hope is using interns to help spread the Gospel throughout the world this summer. Book of Hope’s Brian Minnich (minnick) says more than 50 young people are part of their “Response Teams” program this summer. “We enable young men and women to get out on the mission field and distribute the Book of Hope, which is God’s word in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and given to students globally. And then, also, we give them opportunity to train the nationals, who will then take that ministry format and really multiply it around their nation.” The interns will head to the field next week for three months of ministry. Minnich says there are openings for the fall. “The next start date is August 25th and there’s plenty of time to get the paper work going and start raising the financial support. We would just love to have students or adults who would dedicate four months of their lives to the Lord’s service.”

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