Story number 1 for 5 Jun 2003

By June 5, 2003

(India)–We begin today in India where drought and incredible heat is having an impact on ministry there. David DeGroot (degroat) is with Mission India of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He says temperatures have been as high as 122 degrees. DeGroot says the heat has had a secondary affect. “One of our ministries was affected by a fire in the slums outside of Hyderabad. Everything is dry as tinder, of course. And, fire got going. It put 300 families out of their homes including a number of families that were directly involved in one of our projects.” However, DeGroot says strangely, the drought is having a positive affect on their outreach. “We feel the Lord may be using this. People are migrating into the cities from the countryside. They are showing up at our programs and they are open. The children are open. The children are part of our clubs. And, through God’s grace (we’re) affectively reaching many of these people who are fleeing drought.” Funding is needed to help keep the programs running.

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