Story number 4 for 5 Mar 2003

By March 5, 2003

(Congo–Kinshasa)–We turn now to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where there’s word that efforts to keep the peace are strained. At the height of the war, relief groups launched programs in the area. However, security issues forced several to a standstill. Africa Inland Mission’s Ted Barnett says their work is going forward. “We have a program going on to bring aid into that situation, distributing emergency supplies, helping build the refugee settlement camps. We’re involved in welfare work, in spiritual care and counseling, and the distribution of Bibles to those who’ve lost theirs.” Barnett says the challenge is spiritual. “Pray for protection and safety for the already displaced populations and for the national church there, the mission and the aid workers that are there, for their safety, for their spiritual insight; for the ability to help in every way that is needed.”

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