Story number 4 for 6 Sep 2001

By September 6, 2001

(Korea)–Meanwhile, Korean Christians are having an incredible impact on the world through their evangelistic efforts. Evangelism Explosion has more than 44-thousand trained Korean workers around the world. E-E’s Asia Director Gary Letchworth. “They are zealous for reaching their own people. It’s exciting to see how they have established Korean churches in other countries and working among their own people. But, because their faith is so contagious they are effective in other Asian countries especially.” Letchworth says while Evangelism Explosion has workers in every country, they still haven’t reached their goal. “Our prayer is that we will be able to permeate every people group. The exciting thing is that E-E is designed to equip the nationals to share their faith on a one on one basis. And, therefore they can work in areas where it is actually against the law to share their faith.”

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