Story number 4 for 7 Mar 2000

By March 7, 2000

Meanwhile, an evangelical campus ministry is looking for a new president. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s President Steve Hayner announced his intentions to resign as soon as a replacement can be found. Agency spokesman Phil Evans. “I think the exciting thing for us is that both Steve and the board really want to go about this transition process in a good way. Steve as current president and the board of trustees are working together to identify what a new president might look like and (they’re) really committed to continuing the strong road that interVarsity started on.” Evans is encouraging people to pray for InterVarsity as they search for Hayners replacement. “I think people can specifically people can pray that we can identify the right candidate. That Steve Hayner would finish strong as the president. That this transition and succession process would go smoothly and you could pray also for our preparation for Urbana 2,000.”

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