Story number 4 for 9 Aug 2000

By August 9, 2000

Elsewhere, the first ten-thousand copies of the World Bible Translation Center’s Romanian New Testament were presented in Bucharest recently. WBTC’s Richard Loh says people have been looking for something like this for years, adding it will help in evangelization, too. “I was at a church where these New Testaments were released and a young lady came up to me and she said “I’m so glad I got a copy of this. I can now go and share it with my friends. This is so easy to read the language to understand. I can share it with my friend without having to use very difficult words.”” Loh explains that there is another group thrilled to have this tools. “The church leaders over there are very, very pleased to be receiving these. It has gone out to these various churches and many have come and when they have seen it, they like it immediately.” A Romanian/English New Testament is scheduled to be printed soon.

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