Story number 5 for 1 May 2001

By May 1, 2001

(International)–And, a new evangelistic tool is bringing exciting results for one mission agency in the United States. ACTS International Ministries uses the Internet to communicate the Gospel, which means the hope of Christ is more widely accessible and going out 24 hours-a-day worldwide. As for effectiveness, ACTS International’s Dick Innes says as of April 27th they had 435 salvation responses. “They’re coming to Christ from Los Angeles to London, Sydney to Singapore, Malta to Malaysia. We’ve had quite a few responses from Saudi Arabia and some of those countries where you’re not even allowed to even preach the Gospel.” Innes adds finances are needed to sustain the ministry that he’s working two jobs to support. His hopes are to see the outreach grow. ” Right now, I can safely say we’re reaching thousands. If we had the funds we could reach millions, but the ability – the opportunity is there, but it takes funds to do it – to get the message out. There’s phenomenal competition to get people’s attention.”

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