Story number 5 for 11 Oct 2001

By October 11, 2001

(USA)–And finally, a special ministry is helping missionaries while they’re in the United States. D & D Missionary Homes in Saint Petersberg, Florida provides homes and services at low cost to missionary families on furlough or home assignment. New Tribes Missionary Phil Burns and his family are staying there. “We really appreciate having a place to stay that is way below what we’d have to pay for renting a house. They provide furnished houses. We basically just have to move in with the clothes on our backs.” D & D has 59 fully furnished homes that attracted missionaries from 63 countries last year. Burns says it gives them peace of mind. “A lot of people want you to stay at least six months or more. There’s no contract or anything that we have to sign to say we have to stay six months or a year, whatever. I’m really not sure what we would have done to find one just for a few months. We really haven’t had to try to figure out another solution.”

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