Story number 5 for 14 Aug 2001

By August 14, 2001

(USA)–And, the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association recently finished a treasure hunt. Andrew Palau says their latest evangelistic festival was held in Treasure Valley, Idaho. He adds that the site for the festival allowed them to instill the greatest treasure of all in the hearts of people and proclaim the good news. “The Luis Palau Evangelistic Association received an invitation that we worked on for almost four years, from the city of Boise, Idaho. It actually extended all across what they call the Treasure Valley. 370-plus churches from across the valley coming together to say ‘let’s do a unified, city wide outreach, lift up the name of Jesus.’ ” Palau says to call the festival a success is putting the results mildly. “Thousands of people [were] making commitments to Christ and rededicating and all the work of unity in the body and we prepared five-thousand people in friendship evangelism training over the months, and it’s just unbelievable.”

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