Story number 5 for 14 Sep 2001

By September 14, 2001

(Thailand)–And, a moral crackdown is hitting Thailand’s infamous night scene. The country’s interior minister is fighting to shut down districts that have contributed to their soaring HIV/ AIDS cases. He Intends Victory’s Herb Hall says as the deaths go up, another statistic is also going up. Orphans are now a main problem for the struggling country. “The government has really a hard time with all these orphans. He Intends Victory is teaming up with Mercy International in Thailand building houses for babies with AIDS.” Hall says the project, called “The Mike Hilton Home”, is named after a Christian man who died of AIDS contracted through a transfusion. He adds that prayer is a necessary component not only for their Thailand outreach, but also for their global work. “Pray for the ministry opportunities that we have around the world to be able to go into these other countries and tell the people that the only hope to the HIV/AIDS pandemic is Jesus Christ.”

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