Story number 5 for 15 Feb 2002

By February 15, 2002

(Slovakia)–And finally, International Needs Network’sDave Culross says they’re working with believers in Slovakia. An innovative approach to evangelism has run into one challenge, though. “They’re trying to break out of this ‘enclosed-cell’ mindset that they had in the Communist days, when they were legally permitted to meet in churches, but they were not allowed by law to go outside the church and do any evangelism or spread the Gospel.” Culross says English is seen as a way out of poverty; people are responding to the church’s various outreaches. “One of the ways that that is being done is through offering English camps that are operated in an American Bible school-type setting. We have found that there have been families, there have been translators, there have been students that were at the school, that have now come to Jesus Christ and are being followed up by the Slovakian leaders that live in the area.”

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