Story number 5 for 15 Mar 2001

By March 15, 2001

(Russia)–And, Bethany Christian Services reports on some difficulties they’ve run into in the Russian Republic of Krasnodar. BCS’ Tom Jackson says the local government is responding to a series of scandals within the country’s adoptive process. “The Krosnodar government has called for investigations into all adoption activities in the region. They have also closed down this independent adoption process now that there are a few licensed agencies that are able to provide the services in order to prevent abuse.” Jackson says they show the love Christ by protecting the lives of children through social services. “We just hope that people become aware of this, even if they’re not interested in adopting…but, just staying with us in prayer support. It’s a huge undertaking and it needs many, many people to be involved in actions, and prayers and helping to pass the word in what the needs are.”

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