Story number 5 for 16 Aug 2002

By August 16, 2002

(USA) — And, thousands of people will hear God’s word this weekend in the northwestern United States. Tomorrow the Puget Sound Festival with Luis Palau begins in Seattle, Washington. (PALAU :20) What we have is this massive park that could hold up to 100,000 people. At one end of the park is a children’s area. Then at another end of the park, a skateboard exhibition. They give their testimony. Then about five in the afternoon we have the main stage with some of the best contemporary Christian musicians. (BROOKS :09) After that, Palau will be bringing an evangelistic message where he hopes many will come to Christ. Palau says financial assistance is need so that these festivals can continue. (PALUA :14) That’s the one area where we’re having just a little struggle here. We do not take up offerings at these festivals. We don’t want the unbelievers to say that it’s a financial gimmick. We really rely on our friends and fellow Christians to help us.

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