Story number 5 for 17 Nov 2000

By November 17, 2000

And, the CoMission for Children at Risk recently held a summit, which centered on the theme “Help a Child, Impact a Nation”. Of the more than 110 organizations represented at the summit, most were already working in some way to try to effect change around the world. Kay Rader, the commissioner of the Salvation Army spoke to attendees. “His compassion compels and commands us to care for them, to have his heart for them, and to share in the responsibility of that care and that’s what I believe this National summit is all about.” The quest for perspective was heard through the words of Baroness Carolyn Cox, formerly of the British House of Lords. “Don’t be alarmed, don’t be frightened, don’t be daunted by the statistics. Let us concentrate as our Lord did, insomuch as ye did it unto one of these, you did it unto me.” Christian Solidarity Worldwide, the organization started by Baroness Cox in the early 1990’s has seen children’s lives changed through love and through the power of Jesus Christ.

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