Story number 5 for 18 Dec 2001

By December 18, 2001

(USA)–And, the reputation of the Bronx as a bleak, depressed area was what was facing an Evangelism Explosion team recently. Despite the daunting character of the community, some amazing things happened when the hope of Christ made it on the streets. E-E’s Fred Kress. “We were expecting not many people out on the streets and what we did was a lot of street witnessing. We were able to hand out over seven-thousand tracts. We witnessed to 234 people; 108 people prayed for the first time to receive Christ.” Kress adds that they are hoping to expand the horizons of this outreach. He asks believers to pray. “I think that probably that this just would not be something that only New York City would see. That we would be able to duplicate this outreach in, not only the larger metropolitan areas throughout the country, but in every city.”

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