Story number 5 for 18 Jul 2001

By July 18, 2001

(USA)–And finally, Scripture on tape is leading people to Christ and discipling new believers in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Tom Dudenhofer (DOO-dehn-HAWF- ehr) of Audio Scripture Ministries of Holland, Michigan explains the program. “Some 70-percent of the people in Nairobi live in the slums. And, we’re talking in this one slum alone 1.4 million people. And, it’s in this slum called Kibera that we are attempting to work with pastors who work in these slums and set up scripture listening programs for these people. Most of whom, can not read.” Dudenhofer says they need your help to establish these scripture listening programs in Kibera (kee-BEHR-ah). “For one particular listening program to be set up would cost us between $100 and $150. And, that would include a copy of the audio scripture tapes, a box to put the tape player in, a solar panel, a battery and the hand powered/solar powered tape player.”

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