Story number 5 for 18 Jul 2002

By July 18, 2002

(USA)–And finally, the founder and president of Habit for Humanity is hoping his new book will point people to Christ. Millard Fuller just completed his 8th book entitled, “Building Materials For Life.” Fuller says this book’s about walking a Christian walk. “Subjects like attitude, right thinking, and praying for wisdom and how to solve problems and being persistent. And, a whole section on faith, the God movement, relevant religion, and calling a person has in life and so forth.” Because people are familiar with Habitat, Fuller hopes many non-Christians will read the book and consider their eternal future. “You can’t go through life and not ponder the big questions. Why am I here, what is the purpose of my existence on earth, what should I be doing on earth, what’s going to happen at the end of my days on earth?” Fuller says a study guide is being developed so it can be used Bible study classes.

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