Story number 5 for 18 May 2001

By May 18, 2001

(Philippines)–And finally, a medical missions project was the tool used to see hundreds come to Christ in the Philippines. Christians In Action just returned from Negros (neh-gross) Island where 90 doctors, dentists, nurses, and support personnel partnered with the local church to treat the needy. Christians In Action’s Doug Sutherland. “We actually had the privilege of treating around 8,000 people. With each one of those people that we treated we had an opportunity to share the Gospel with each one personally. And, as a result of that, about 4,700 people made professions of faith in Jesus Christ.” Sutherland says local Christians are getting involved in the lives of these new believers. “Pastors have made commitments with us to do extensive follow up with each one of the people that responded to the Gospel. And, so they are working with these people on an individual basis to attempt to integrate them to the local church.”

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