Story number 5 for 18 Oct 2002

By October 18, 2002

(USA)–And finally, churches around the United States need to catch the vision to see God’s word on film. That’s the word from Film the Bible’s David Rutherford. Rutherford says this multi-million dollar project can’t happen unless thousands or even millions of believers get involved. “We know that this will take a variety of levels of support. We believe the most fundamental grass roots foundational support for this is absolutely going to come from the local churches and from the people of God.” Rutherford says once completed, Film the Bible will have a profound impact on young people.” My background is in education and I certainly see that they are in tune to the video generation and that saying the might seem kind of trite ‘seeing is believing’ is really true. And, there’s no greater thing that our kids can grow up believing than if they see the word of God acted out faithfully in front of them.” Go to FilmTheBible-dot-org to get your church involved.

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